Successful COVID + Data Science Seminar Series Held in Summer 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has produced a staggering array of challenges that clinicians, public health experts, and policy makers are struggling to meet. Data scientists and quantitative experts across the globe have gone into overdrive as they work to analyze a flood of information, seeking not only to better understand, track, and predict the disease, but also to help guide the response to it and ensure that timely, accurate, and trustworthy information is readily available for everyone from scientists and clinicians to communities and members of the public.

This urgent need to bridge the worlds of data science, clinical research, and public health was the driving force behind this summer’s COVID + Data Science Virtual Seminars. Sponsored by Duke Plus Data Science (+DS), the 8-week series in summer 2020 was devoted to exploring data science methods with direct applications to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The series of 12 lectures attracted more than 1,500 virtual attendances, with many participants joining across multiple weeks and topics. The series, which wrapped up in late August, provided the opportunity for audiences both within Duke and beyond to hear directly from experts on topics spanning data analysis and visualization, deep learning, statistical methods, natural language processing, molecular methodology, and more.

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