Photograph of Rabail Baig

Rabail Baig, MA

Communications Director for Evaluation

Rabail Baig is the Communications Director for Evaluation within Duke AI Health. In her role, Ms. Baig develops and implements a knowledge mobilization strategy to ensure that the work related to Duke AI Health’s mission as it relates to evaluation and governance is authentically communicated both internally and externally. Ms. Baig provides editorial and creative support, is a primary content creator, and curates actionable, solutions-oriented communication materials for an audience of researchers, leaders, policymakers, educators, and the wider public.

Ms. Baig has played a key role in AI Health’s communication initiatives from the organization’s outset. Prior to working for Duke AI Health, she was a communication consultant and science writer at the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI), where she worked at the intersection of the biomedical industry, academia, and regulatory bodies like the FDA, and assisted with public relations and thought leadership content development, writing, and editing. Ms. Baig has a Master’s degree in international relations and political science, over 15 years of experience in writing, editing, and graphic design, and a background in international investigative journalism. She has written for Foreign Policy Magazine and The Guardian, among others.