Harnessing Data Science for Equity

An Agile Approach to Portfolio Management

An Integrated Lifecycle Process

Phase I: Analysis

CACHE conducts in-depth data analysis to identify disparities in health and healthcare among Duke Health patients.

Phase II: Implementation

When disparities are identified, CACHE works to improve outcomes by developing and implementing changes to areas including:

  • Skills
  • Resource levels
  • Processes
  • Technology
  • Information
  • Policies

Phase III: Monitoring

CACHE continuously monitors and transparently communicates the effects of implemented changes and interventions.

A Vision for Lean Healthcare

  • Enable patients and clinicians to define activities that add value versus those that are wasteful
  • Understand existing processes, so that when changes are made, we can anticipate the effects
  • Standardize and improve processes that provide value; eliminate ones that don’t
  • Create flexibility, capacity and standards that enable the care delivery system to respond to changing patient needs
  • Build this improvement process into every aspect of our daily work