Request for Comments: Coalition for Health AI’s White Paper on Bias, Equity, and Fairness

With Duke AI Health among its founding members, the Coalition for Health AI is a community of academic health systems, organizations, and expert practitioners of artificial intelligence and data science, coming together with a mission to provide guidelines regarding an ever-evolving landscape of health AI tools to ensure high-quality care, increase credibility amongst users, and meet health care needs.

The Coalition for Health AI, with funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, is developing a consensus-driven framework to drive high-quality health care through the adoption of credible, fair, and transparent health AI systems. By convening a series of virtual workgroup sessions, the Coalition for Health AI is defining core principals for health AI developers, consumers, and health organizations. The first session, titled “Bias, Equity, and Fairness” has generated a white paper reflecting the input and participation of subject matter experts from health care and other industries. Read or download the paper here:  

As a stakeholder in this endeavor, Duke AI Health is seeking your ideas, opinions, and feedback on the same important subject. Please visit the Coalition for Health AI website to review the paper and share your comments through a feedback form by September 15, 2022.

With your help, we can advance towards establishing clear and appropriate guidelines and guardrails for the fair, ethical, and useful application of AI and machine learning in health care settings. This input will help inform the final paper later this year.

The Coalition includes founding members, Duke AIH, Mayo Clinic, and MITRE, as well as other academic and industry partners.

Learn more about CHAI in this March 2022 introduction, “Health-related artificial intelligence needs rigorous evaluation and guardrails”: