Doing Good DEEDS

Welcome to Doing Good DEEDS, a show that explores the human dimensions of modern health data science and examines how the analytical tools used in healthcare and clinical research can impact patients, care providers, clinicians & communities.

Algorithmic medicine holds tremendous promise for helping patients and improving healthcare delivery, but it also has the potential to cause harm and to worsen health inequities.  We believe that if we can shift the focus from a rush to develop and implement new models and instead engage in more thoughtful design and use of algorithmic systems, we can ensure that patients benefit from them and are protected from harms arising from flawed methods and biased datasets. The DEEDS in our show’s name reflects our commitment to the theme of Duke Ethical and Equitable Data Science as we explore approaches to harnessing AI for health.

A "behind-the-scenes" photograph showing DEEDS show host Michael Pencina, PhD talking with guest Michael Cary, PhD, RN. In the foreground are camera tripods and audio/video equipment. In the background is a window, through which can be seen parts of Duke University campus. Photo credit: Jonathan McCall/Duke AI Health.

EPISODE 1: Defining Equitable & Ethical Data Science

March 15, 2023

In this episode of Doing Good DEEDS, host Michael Pencina, PhD, talks with Michael Cary, PhD, RN, the Elizabeth C. Clipp Term Chair of Nursing at the Duke University School of Nursing, about defining the concept of equitable and ethical health data science and the challenges of putting its principles into practice in the setting of clinical care and research.