Photograph of Matthew Elmore

Matthew Elmore, ThD

AI Ethics and Evaluation Specialist

Matthew Elmore, ThD, is the AI Ethics and Evaluation Specialist at Duke AI Health. Dr. Elmore supports operations focusing on the ethics, evaluation, and oversight of AI-driven clinical decision tools. He also plays a major role in organizing work with the Coalition for Health AI, as well as conducting research, writing, training, and consulting. Dr. Elmore joined Duke AI Health after completing doctoral work in bioethics at Duke Divinity School, where his project focused on the Western conception of free will and the ethics of informed consent. His background is “two-legged,” with one foot planted in the liberal arts and the other in applied health sciences. Trained as an EMT, he began his career taking care of patients in the emergency department and burn unit of his hometown hospital in Michigan. He later worked in clinical research, partnering with a cardiologist to develop robotic innovations for heart procedures. While serving in those capacities, Dr. Elmore pursued studies in philosophy, theology, and literature, all of which set up his present frame of mind at the intersection of healthcare and the humanities.