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2020 Application for Participation

Scientific Overview Page: Statements in red italics provide instructions for this template; please replace with your responses. Do not modify the bold headings. Figures and tables are allowed and will be included in the two-page limit. A separate reference list can be included and will not be included in the two-page limit.

Title of Proposed Study: Title here

Summary: Approximately 30 lines of text

Specific Aims: Please describe here, using NIH specific aims style



Principal Investigator: Name

PI’s Department: Department Name

Investigator/Research Team: Please include all currently identified members and their affiliations

Identified Proposal Opportunities: For example: NIH NCATS U01, Clinical and Translational Award Program,

Anticipated Proposal Submission Date: Date

Requests or Comments: For example, if you recognize a gap in your investigator team and would like help “matchmaking”