Housed within the School of Medicine but drawing leadership, resources, and insights from across the entire University, AI Health’s executive leadership combines clinical knowledge and quantitative insight. AI Health is led by Duke School of Medicine Vice Dean for Data Science Michael J. Pencina, PhD with co-director Richard Shannon, MD, the Chief Quality Officer for Duke Health. They are joined by Chief AI Health Scientist Ricardo Henao, PhD, an expert in machine learning, and Managing Director Shelley Rusincovitch, MMCi, an informaticist and technical leader. Under their guidance, AI Health constitutes a key pillar of a strategic initiative devoted to growing ethical and equitable data science and addressing the most urgent and difficult challenges in medicine and population health.

Rick Shannon


Ricardo Henao

Chief AI Health Scientist


Managing Director


The AI Health team is comprised of experienced professionals with unique expertise in a team-based approach to AI and ML research and operations. Our specializations include research operations, informatics, finance, and administration.

Rabail Baig

Communications Strategist


Evaluation Lead, ABCDS Oversight

Seanna Horan

Administrative Partner,
Vice Dean, Data Science


Director, ABCDS Oversight

Jonathan McCall

Director, Communications

Andrew Olson

Associate Director, Policy Strategy and Solutions for Health Data Science

Ursula Rogers

Associate Director of Informatics

Tiffany Torres

Program Coordinator


Dr. Michael Cary

Equity Scholar

maciej_headshot copy

Director of Radiology Imaging

Lisa Wruck

Director, AI Health Data Science Fellowship Program

Ben Goldstein

Associate Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics