Duke AI Health

Duke Ethical and Equitable Data Science​

Developing, evaluating and implementing artificial intelligence for health at Duke and beyond​


The Duke Medicine Pavilion, a major expansion of Duke University Hospital, will add 16 new operating suites and 160 critical care and intermediate beds.

Instilling Ubiquitous Data Science Excellence Across Duke

Duke AI Health connects, strengthens, amplifies, and grows multiple streams of theoretical and applied research on artificial intelligence and machine learning at the University in order to answer the most urgent and difficult challenges in medicine and population health.

Designed as a multidisciplinary, campus-spanning initiative, AI Health harnesses expertise and insights across multiple schools, centers, and institutes at Duke to bring to bear the power of machine learning and related quantitative fields on medicine, healthcare delivery, and the health of individuals and communities.


AI health leadership


Managing Director

Portrait of Duke AI Health Director for Data Science Benjamin A. Goldstein, PhD

Director of Data Science

Photograph of Richard Shannon, MD

Senior Advisory Board