Creating a Successful Electronic Health Record (EHR) Study Design Workshop

Congratulations to AI Health Faculty Council member Ben Goldstein, PhD, and Duke Children’s Health & Discovery Initiative Director Jillian Hurst, PhD, for their success in leading the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Study Design Workshop from December 5-9, 2022.

The course was offered as a virtual 5-day class providing foundational lectures and hands-on studios on the fundamentals of working with, and designing EHR-based studies. The inaugural workshop generated a great deal of enthusiasm and every seat in the course was filled within 6 weeks of course announcement.

The workshop was limited to 50 seats, and participants represented both academia and industry with a diverse mix of experience. Feedback from the attendees was very positive. “The presentations were outstanding! I learned a lot about the different types of studies and analyses that you can do using EHR data,” wrote one participant. Another person shared, “It was helpful to grasp the multidisciplinary issues that need addressing for studies to be successful.”

The course builds upon Drs. Goldstein and Hurst’s prior experience with the spring 2022 course on clinical research with EHR, and they are currently developing plans for learning opportunities in 2023.