The Health Data Science (HDS) program is AI Health’s experiential learning hub for students.

Directed by Ricardo Henao, PhD, Chief AI Scientist for AaI Health and Assistant Professor of Biostatistics & Bioinformatics and Electrical & Computer Engineering, the HDS program is a culmination of initiatives across multiple years, beginning with the early years of Duke Forge and projects across 2017-2020 supporting 15 health data science interns. The +DS program launched advanced projects in 2019 and has supported 90 undergraduate and graduate students in hands-on experiences.

The HDS program now consolidates AI Health’s experiential education for students with projects focused on machine learning in healthcare. In many cases the experiences result in meaningful research, but our fundamental goal is for students to learn. HDS also maintains our strong partnerships with groups across Duke including the Rhodes Information Initiative (iiD) and the Center for Computational Thinking (CCT), and our ongoing leadership in the Duke+DataScience (+DS) program.