Health Data Science Experiential Learning and Research Hub

The Health Data Science (HDS) program is AI Health’s experiential learning and research hub.

The HDS program is a culmination of initiatives across multiple years, beginning with the early years of Duke Forge and its demonstration project program, the health data science internship program, and the +DS advanced projects program. The HDS program now consolidates AI Health’s experiential education with projects focused on machine learning in healthcare. 

HDS also maintains our strong partnerships with groups across Duke including the Rhodes Information Initiative (iiD) and the Center for Computational Thinking (CCT), and our ongoing leadership in the Duke+DataScience (+DS) program. HDS activities include the Duke Machine Learning Schools, Learning Experience seminar series, and Data Studios.

+DS Spring vLE’s

Duke +Data Science End of Semester Wrap-up, Spring 2021

Duke+DataScience (+DS) is a Duke-wide educational initiative devoted to expanding knowledge of and facility with machine learning and other artificial intelligence tools across multiple academic fields, including the arts, humanities,…
Ursula Rogers poster – final

Duke AI Health’s Ursula Rogers Presents at AMIA

Ursula Rogers, senior informaticist with Duke Forge and AI Health, recently presented a poster at the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) 2021 Virtual Informatics Summit. The poster, “Enabling Data Liquidity…

HDS Events